10 short form video ideas for your Business or Personal Brand

The rise of short form video and how to use it

If you're thinking about creating short form video content fr Instagram Reels, Youtube shorts or Facebook Reels, there are a few things you should know before you get started. 

First consider your audience and what they want to see or what they are seeing. Your audience wants to see what is most important to them. They want to see what is most relevant to their interests. 

Now consider your goals. Your goals should be to produce content that is most relevant and most important to your audience.


Then come up with a concept that will be both entertaining and informative. An example could be a documentary styled SFV that explores the history and evolution of an industry, from its earliest origins to the modern day. 

Let's take makeup" for our example.  Your S.F.Vs could feature interviews with makeup artists, historians and everyday people as well as footage of makeup looks being applied throughout the years.


Next determine the best format for your video content. The best format for video content will vary depending on the type of content, ie:  Instagram Stories, TikTok, Youtube shorts and the intended audience. Currently, the most common video format for all SFV is 1080x1080.

Finally make sure you have the equipment and resources you need to produce high-quality videos In order to produce high-quality videos you will need a few things:


1. A good quality video camera. This doesn't have to be an expensive professional camera.  Most smart phones are able to record video in high definition. 

2 A tripod. This will help you keep your camera still while you're recording, resulting in smoother steadier video footage. 

3 Good lighting. If you're recording indoors make sure the room is well-lit so that your video footage is clear and bright. 

4 You need a quiet recording environment. Unless you're recording a video with intentional background noise (like a concert or a party) try to find a place to record where there won't be any loud distractions. 

5 Editing software. Most apps have filters, stickers and effects that you can add to your SFV  But, if you're one of those folks who just want it to look like a professional production, you'll likely want to edit it to add titles, music and/or additional effects. 

10 short form video ideas for your Business or Personal Brand

1. Introduce yourself and your business/brand in 60 seconds or less.

2 Share your story – what led you to start your business/brand?

3. Highlight a day in the life of running your business/brand.

4 Share your top tips for XYZ (e.g. entrepreneurs small businesses 

social media marketing etc.)

5 Offer a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes of your 


6 Share your favorite products or services and why you love them.

7 Showcase a customer or client testimonial.

8 Do a quick “how-to” or tutorial on using one of your products or services.

9 Host a Q&A session and answer questions about your business/brand.

Why short form video?

If you have a business or personal brand making short videos is a great way to promote it.

A well executed video campaign can keep your customers coming back for more. All of the other marketing strategies are great in their own right but in 2022 and beyond, video marketing is the best way to reach your target audience.

Other things you might need to know: 


Why is short form video popular?

Due to the many things going on in our lives, receiving content in "bite sized pieces" make it easier to consume.

What are the advantages of short form video?

It's easier to consume and remember.

They are easier to repurpose on each platform.

As of 2022, it's the most popular format.

Where do you use Short Form Video?

Facebook stories



Youtube Shorts

Meta Stories

Instagram Reels

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