Each and every day our clients, customers and friends are bombarded with marketing messages. Many of those messages are simply scrolled over even if they come from a family member but what if I told you, that you can actual increase "eye balls" on your posts if you did one, ok, two simple things? Would you begin to implement the strategy today? Sure you would and that's why I'm getting ready to share it with you. Are you ready? Here it is:

A social launch is only as successful as the buzz it can generate. Build an integrated social media plan around your posts as if you're launching, and put all your muscle behind it. 

Too many times I see posts of FB and other social networks where there are pictures with no text above them, no questions asked around the subject, heck, on FB I see people post pictures all the time and never take a moment to add descriptions....I used to be guilty ~ that's the only reason that I'm talking about it. But playtime aka posting pictures with words and no additional interaction with them is now over right?

Do this one simple thing and watch your engagement numbers go up! Say it with me: "From this day forward, I'll post as if my business depends on it. I'm launching my business each and every day!"

Go back to the last 2 photos you've posted in your social space, think of them like commercials and add a tagline, tag a few friends, talk to whomever liked the photo and last but not least, give them a call to action.

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