Use Instagram to promote your blog.

4 Simple Techniques to Reach More People

1 Use Instagram To Promote your Blog with blog posts When you publish a new blog post, make sure to use clear, crisp, clean looking images. This is a great way to share something related to your blog on your Instagram account.

Instagram allows you one link in your account. Place the link from the latest post in your bio. Be sure the image is explained in the description of the Instagram post, or has a tip written on it. Ask people to follow the link.

Hashtags are very useful when promoting a new photo. People search for hashtags; and if they do a search for a hashtag you are using, they will see your photo pop up.

Start with the subject of your blog post, for hashtag ideas.

For example, if the post is related to "using Instagram to build a business”, use:

People are proud of their Instagram creations and they love it, when you give them a like or a comment. Try and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day targeting and interacting with your followers and an additional 30 minutes searching and connecting to people not following you. Your photos will start to pop up in their feed, putting your brand in their mind.

blog promotions using Instagram

Plan your Instagram content, just like you plan your blog content. When you create your #InstagramContentPlan, remember to be flexible – it can (and should) change according to your user engagement.

To get into the habit of using Instagram to promote your blog, you may want to begin by creating a themed post of the day like Monetize Monday - tips on how to increase your income, Take It Back Tuesday where you create a short blurb about an old blog post and so on.  If that is too much, you may want to create themed weeks such as "How to find content for your blog," think like a copywriter or anything specific to your niche.

What ever you decide to do, always take a few minutes out of your day to study others in your line of business Instagram not only will you understand what not to do, you'll also learn what to do to become successful.

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