How to fill your November editorial calendar

Can you believe it?  Not only are we in the fourth quarter we're also in the midst of holiday sales!  So, you know I've got to ask, What's on your holiday editorial calendar?  What is your content marketing strategy for Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa?  Come on, I know you've been thinking about it, right?

If you're just getting started, I've placed this nifty little blank calendar here for you to print.  Isn't it cute? Yeah, I know.  You've got to love those company colors!  Am I right?  lol.  Go ahead, right click, save as "my favorite calendar," and then print it so you'll be able to fill it in and have it handy!

Now that you've got it printed, I'd like to help you out with a couple of suggestions, if you've filled your calendar in already, you can just print the calendar for later.

1)  So, the first thing you should put on your 4th quarter editorial calendar is the last day you'll accept online orders,

2)  Next, you'll want to add your beginning and ending clearance sales date,

3)  You'll also want to place on your calendar when your Holiday sales begin and end,

4)  If you've got a coupon code, you'll need to put that code on your calendar with beginning and end dates,

5)  Are you having any Black Friday sales?  If you are, what time will they start?  What time will they end?

6)  What about your BOGO items?  What are the beginning and ending dates and times?

7)  Are you running any type of email subscriber discount, Instagram follower discount?  Yep, you guessed it.  Place those beginning and ending dates and times.

By now, you should have your "copy," coupons and promo codes ready.  If so, plugging them in the calendar will make seeing it, on paper, so much easier to get moving.  Well, maybe I should reword that and say, it helps me to look at it and it makes things so much easier for me to keep my goals and objectives right in front of me.

Ok, so hear comes the teacher in me...  Start making it a habit of filling in your editorial calendar at least a month in advance.  If it's too hard to plan for a month, at least try to stay two weeks ahead.  I know, I know, you didn't ask me, but I've got to give you my two cents.

Here are a few additional things that you might want to place on your November calendar:

Veteran's Day
November 11
Observed date:
November 12

Thanksgiving Day
November 22

Black Friday
November 23

If you're an author, bookstore owner, bookworm or do book advertising, your 1st week in November might include the following:

November 1 is National Authors Day
The 1st Saturday in November is National Book Lover Day.
The second Tuesday in November is National Young readers Day.
November fifteenth is "I love to write day.
December is Read a New Book Month
Kwanzaa is December 26th through January 1st

Is your niche parents with small children, grandparents, teachers?
Then you may want to include these on your November calendar: 

November is Family Stories Month, Military Family Appreciation &  National Family Caregiver Month.
November 1st is National Cookie Monster day

November 2nd is look for circles day

November 7th is National Tongue Twister Day

November 8th is National Parent and Teacher Day

November 14th is National American Teddy Bear Day

November 21st is Military Recognition Day

Well, this should get you started but if for any reason you need some additional assistance or you'd just like to share how much this has helped you, please connect with me on SNAPCHAT or FACEBOOK

stop procrastinating, it's costing you money.