5 more things you can do in Twitter

It seems as if I've been writing a lot about #Twitter these last few months but when I find out really good news, I can't help but share so this is how I'll start this post.

There have been a few changes to Twitter over the last 6 months and in a conversation with others in my profession I was informed that they hadn't been made aware of these changes.  Maybe you have, maybe you haven't either way, I hope you find a way to use these 5 features to grow your business.

1:  You can now follow up to 15, 000 people.  It used to be a far smaller number but very recently, they added this ability.  Now you may say to yourself, "Why on earth would I follow that many people?"  Well the answer is simple.  You have a niche demographic out there that is consistently talking about their likes, dislikes, wishes for new features and wants. What better way to listen in on them than being able to follow them and then create chats, blog posts or photos.  There are also your mentors.  By now, I'm sure you've put them in a Twitter list to curate their content

2:  You can now add up to 7,000 characters in a direct message.  Now if you're a person who doesn't use this feature and don't check this feature, this won't be a woo hop for you but if you are or you've been trying to think of ways to use direct messaging, this maybe your luck day!  I've used it to invite people to conferences and networking events.  It really gives you a chance to build a relationship by just having a normal conversation.

3:  Polls:  Have you seen them on your Twitter page?  I love this added feature.  Why, just today I used it to ask people if they have it.  NOTE:  Keep in mind you can only have two choices but the opportunity to find out what people want and don't won't will change the game for you.

4:  Did you see that lightening bolt?  If you're in the U.S. you probably have.  It's called moments and it curates tweets.  No more going to your favorite app or page to curate content, you can do it from right here.

5:  Last but not least, you can now setup your direct messages to allow people to send you a message without them having to follow you.  Now you may not think this is a good feature but I've used it to my advantage by giving my #TwitterHandle to people at networking events and instructed them to DM me if they have additional questions about social media or the class they took.  

Now go and use one or two of these right now and send me a tweet @GreatPromos to let me know how you're using it to extend your reach!

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