Other Peoples Connections

Social media allows you to communicate around the world.  Isn't that powerful?  I mean really take a moment and think about that!  Whoa!

Ok, back to reality.  

How many times have you talked to people online for months and then walked into a networking event and saw that person?  

Or, you've connected with someone online and then hear their name on a conference call and say "Oh my goodness, that's what you sound like?

You actually feel like you know them don't you?  That's the power of social networking when done right and that's why now, more than ever, you need to make sure that your Online Presence Communicates everything you want people to know, see and like about your brand.  But, that's not the OPC I want to talk about today.  Today, I'm talking about Other People's Communities - how to leverage them to grow your readership and online presence.

Most start-ups find it difficult to find just the right demographic to speak with online.  They do key word searches, pay for ads, and jump into groups because the titles of the groups come up in their keyword searches.  Although I suggest these types of searches, I believe that you should go one step further and actually visit the group (if it is public) and see if there is interaction there.  How many people are talking?  Which posts receive the most feedback?  How do people here communicate?  Are there a lot of links or people trying to sale?  If it seems like a really good fit, then join the community.  

Remember "Network like a B.O.S.S.?" if you do, then you'll remember that when you decide to join the community, you know that you'll need to have an objective to be there and that you're there to build your brand.  Remember, you're there to inspire people so that they want to learn about your business.  Next, as you begin to speak in the community make sure to follow all the guidelines.  If it says "you are not allowed to post outside links,"  please don't do it! 

Over several weeks, continue to add value and slowly share Other People's Content for a while before posting your own.  

One day, you'll see me or read one of my posts and I'll ask you, "You down with OPC?  You'll respond, "Yeah, you know me!"

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