Hey! Where are my clients?

Do you know how to find your clients online?
Have you narrowed down your clients into categories?
What is your client doing right now?
How can you connect with them and help them out?

I'm so happy that I've come this far by faith.  Faith in myself and faith in my ability to stay focused...

It was difficult for me when I decided to step out on faith and start my business.  Everyone I knew was asking me, "What are you going to sell?"  "Where will you sell your product?"  "Who are you going to sell it to?"  Those and what felt like a million more questions were asked by them every day!  I knew who I wanted to sell to, well, I thought I did until I sat down with my uncle and told him I wanted to teach men about shaving and how to care for their face.  He simply asked me "what type of men?"  Of course I said men with facial hair but he laughed and said are they caucasian, hispanic, african american?  Do they have long hair?  short hair?  Do they get razor bumps?  Do they have sensitive skin?The questions went on for a very long time but they really helped me to define my idea client and it is because of him that, TODAY, I'm going to help you to determine your idea client!

So, let's get started.

Who is your idea client?

For example;  If you want to teach men about shaving, yours is a man with facial hair.

But, there are all types of men with facial hair so you need to narrow the focus, really drill it down!

  1. men who cut facial hair with scissors
  2. men who cut facial hair with clippers
  3. men who cut facial hair with razors  (1 bld, 3 blds, 6 blades, etc.)
  4. men who cut facial hair weekly, bi-weekly, etc

Ok, I think you've got the idea so let's move on.  Next you'll want to figure out their background.  If you had chose the man who cuts his facial hair weekly, then it's safe to think that he works in the corporate sector or military and has to stay clean shaved.  It's also safe to say that he probably works 30 to 40 hours per week.  He reads magazines like Real Mean, Real Style, GQ magazine the list goes on and on.

When these men are online, where do they hang out?  A quick look on the web will tell you.  My favorite place to start looking is Youtube.  There you can find men grooming videos, you can see their comments, the questions they ask, etc.  Yes, this may take a while but you'll not only be able to find them here but with a little effort, you'll now find other places that they frequent. Remember, the main thing you want to do is narrow it down, as far as you can, so you can create content for them later.

Hopefully, this gets you started!

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