#Snapchart for musicians

I'm asked by all types of people how to use #snapchat for business and so I decided to dedicate a little time each week giving suggestions.  Hopefully you'll implement and watch your fans and email lists grow.

Wait, what?  You didn't know that entertainers need an email list?  Gone are the days of A&R and record labels spending money to help you grow an audience!  But, that's not why I'm typing this post and honestly, that's a social media marketing topic for another time.  I'm here to give you a few actionable answers you can begin to implement, right now?

So, if you need an answer to either or both of these questions, this post is for you.

How can an Artist or musician use Snapchat to grow their fan base?


How do I use snapchat to market myself as an artist?

These are but a few examples, but trust me, they'll work.

Number 1:
Make sure that your marketing materials have your #Snapchat code on them.  You know that each code has a unique identifier that allows your fans to get up close and personal with you by way of snaps so this is the only way they can find you.

Number 2:
Use your other social networks to give them a call to action:  FOLLOW ME on snapchat for new releases, current updates, contests, secret locations, priority seating, VIP access, behind the scenes photos and anything else you can think of that let's them know that you are a star and you appreciate them being a fan!

Number 3
Use your other social networks to announce things that you'll only do on Snapchat. 

Number 4:
Start snapping several times daily.  Remember, this has to be content that they can't find anywhere else!  

Number 5
Make sure that at least once a day you tell a fan, by name, "thank you" then take a screen shot of it and post it to your other networks.

Well,  this will get you started.  Oh, you're not in the entertainment industry?  Well, this will work for you too.  

ADD me on snapchat (http://www.snapchat.com/add/greatpromos) and then snap me back and let me know how this works for you!

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