To have a successful event on Facebook, you've got to have an event that people want to go to.  Yeah, I know, this should be a 'no brainer' but it isn't.   To do this, there are a few things that will allow people to receive exactly what they need, when they need it 

Let's get started!

First and formost, don't create the Facebook event from your personal profile picture unless it's a family BBQ or family/friends event.  There is an anomaly to this and that's if you're using your personal page as your business page (FACEBOOK terms of service sate you ARE NOT to do that) and by default, your event will be listed as private.  

Ok, let me keep this going.  You are going to create your #FacebookEvent from your "business page" or from your group page, which, by default is public.  When creating event pages for clients, I always suggest creating from the business page and then inviting the group after everything is setup and there have been a few posts with "value" attached from blog posts and social media posts.  Always keeping in mind that conversations you've gleaned from in the group or groups you participate in will be answered "only" on the event page.  Yes, this actually helps you keep the focus on you ICA (idea client avatar) so that everything you make and distribute on the event page is relevant.

Just in case you've never setup an event before, 
the specs for Facebook event photo are 1920 x 1080.  

You can use Canva, PicMonkey or any photo software you're comfortable with to create your header photo.  Make sure that it tells exactly what the event is about.  Don't make it "wordy."  
Make sure to fill in all of the information especially any co-hosts, moderators or assistants (but do not add outside links unless you're hosting it on your site.  Remember we're keeping everyone in one single area for maximum attention)  
Make sure the Event Title is short and has at least one keyword.  Your description should address no more than 3 pain points that you will address during your event.  If you're going to be at an event such as a tradeshow, convention or someone else's terrestrial space, you'll want to add your booth number.  If it's via the internet, you'll want to post an embed code on your site and direct your viewers there.  Try your best to "never" split your audience.  Ok, that's enough on that subject.

Now to turn those "maybe's" into "going."  

Before doing anything else, you need to ask 5 people about the event you're going to host.  Make sure that these are people who always comment, ask questions and consult you.  Tell them about your event and ask them if they'd be willing to attend.  Once you have a solid 5 yes',  complete the event  by following these suggestions - but - don't hit publish until you've covered every little detail!
DESCRIPTION:  It all begins in your description.  Think of your description as your landing page.  It's your sales offer, it's where you sale the event - yes, even for a free event. 

1:  The 1st sentence tells everyone why they want to be there but in as few words as possible.  It tells all the critical info without fluff.  This is your "qualifier," if you write it for the ICA this will tell the reader whether or not the event is for them and qualifies them to move forward.

2:  Next challenge your attendee by giving them an answer to one or 2 questions you've read via text, face to face, email or have been asked and let them know that you're interested in reading a response about how your suggestion worked for them. 

3:  You'll want an "If" statement.  "If you've been wondering which direction to take...."  "If you're looking for an answer to...."  

4:  Add a FAQ's section.  This should be filled with genuine value but don't give away the bank.  Here you'll answer questions you're always asked.  Short, simple answers without a whole lot of detail.

5:  Last but not least, you'll want to give simple instructions on how to get their questions answered.

If your event is online don't have an instant replay.  You'll want to let people know that it will be available a few days before your next event or as webinar that may be posted at a later date.  

Once you've got everything completed - hit PUBLISH



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