3 things to do before you boost your Facebook Fan page for your event.

$5 isn't a lot to spend on a targeted ad but you want it to go as far as it can in reaching the demographic that is right for your event.  So before you spend that $5, make sure you've done these 3 things to your Facebook Fan Page

1:  Enable your message tab.   To do this, you'll go to your Facebook Fan page and click on messages, then settings and make sure that all function meet your criteria.

2:  Look at your Facebook insights and see who's been coming to your page.  These are the people you should target for your upcoming event.  Take a moment to see their age, what language they speak, etc.  You'll also need to set country and age restrictions. 

3: Setup your notifications.  You may be like me and not want to receive a text message for thing going on on your page daily and only when you're hosting an event.  

Once you've got these thing set-up, you're ready to boost your event post.

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