Google Trends pt II

Do you use #GoogleTrends?

You know I'm a devout Google User.  Heck, I even have a T-shirt that says on the front "Googlette."  On the back it says, "I use Google Apps daily."  Honestly, that T-shirt along with a few others I've created are my number one conversation starters but that's not what I'm here to talk about.  

No, today I'm here to talk about# GoogleTrends, my go to content calendar assistant.   I started using it as a way to search trends that were important to my industry and then one day, I realized that I wasn't using it to my full potential.  So I took a moment to implement some practices that I've used with other apps, got great results and stopped using the other apps.

What I've learned from Google Trends is that at any given moment, I could setup a #GoogleAlert, not only for my social media calendar but for other clients and push that information to them.  I could also use the information from another alert, that I created, to push to my email list and yet another to a group that I'm still working on growing (more details about that group in another few weeks after I have social proof).  If you need content ideas, relevant news for your industry, idea meta-tags, then Google Trends may just be your go to tool.

If you're not familiar with Google Trends don't worry, I'm currently creating a "How To Use Google Trends to grow your email list." tutorial, which will air next Wednesday, for the debut of #TheWednesdayWorkshop.

If you're on G+, I'd love to share conversations with you.  Just add me to your circle under "Great People to Follow!"  lol, just teasing but just in case you're not sure how to find me there, you can tap this link: +KARMAOVIQUO

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