How to create a social media calendar

I'm not going to lie, I was asked four (4) times today, "what is a social media calendar?" and "is an editorial calendar the same as a social media calendar?"  And I was totally surprised!  So, I made a few calls and sent out a poll to my email list asking my subscribers the following: 
  • Do you know what a social media calendar is? 
  • Why you do your need a social media calendar?
  • Do you fill your calendar in weekly, monthly or yearly?
Based on the responses, I decided I needed to do a little follow up of my own.  So, here we are.

What is an editorial calendar?

A social media calendar/editorial calendar are one in the same and is used to decide what content is posted daily, weekly or if you're like me, yearly.  In laymen's terms, you simply take a calendar and fill it in with content you're going to post. 

Why do I need a social media calendar? 

If you're serious about getting your clients and customers attention and letting them get to know you better, you need a ways to do it and a social media calendar filled in with the content that you know they are looking for is that way.  
Think of it as a roadmap that helps you to schedule, write and distribute that content.

editorial calendar idea for the 9th of December

How to fill in your calendar:

If you've subscribed to my monthly newsletter, you already have the majority of #nationalholidays, #Internationaldays and #funnyDays in the calendar and just need to fill in the other things you need to fill in. What are those things? 

Upcoming promotions
Behind the scenes content
Upcoming webinars
Coupon codes
Discontinued product BOGOs 

The lists goes on.  If you're still in need of assistance regarding your calendar, I'll have a replay of the "How to fill your content marketing calendar in 5 days" video tutorial posted on the 3rd of January.  If you're good, I'd love to know how far in advance is your social media/editorial calendar filled in? 

Not on the email list?  Trust me, you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to have the majority of your calendar already filled with ideas!  

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