National #FruitCake Toss Day

I found out about national fruitcake toss day 4 years ago, when I was visiting a friend.  She had invited me over and asked if I had any leftover fruitcake.  I explained to her that since moving, I hadn't baked nor eaten any fruitcake and that I was on my way to her house.  

Upon arrival, I noticed that there were fruitcakes everywhere.  I guess the look on my face said that I had no idea what was going on and everyone laughed when I asked, "what's up with all the fruitcakes?"  Everyone began trying to explain to me that Cheryl always invited everyone over, with fruitcake, because it's a "true" national day and now tradition for them.

Immediately, I began thinking of an event for this day and much to my surprise, I found out that not only could I create an entire event around it, I actually could find bakery and catering companies willing to sponsor the event.

I'm sure your brain is reeling with creative ideas and because of it, I've successfully done my job!

So tell me, how will you create an event around this "DAY"?

Forever promoting,

Karma Oviquio
Karmetic Marketing
Creating brain tattoos that last generations

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