What can I offer sponsors for my event?

So, it's been rumored that Amazon has purchased the rights to stream NFL games? When you think of partnering with a brand for sponsorship, how do you come to the analogy that you're a good match?  What research do you do?  Are you watching to see if they may have an upcoming project that you could possibly use to add more value to your attendees, donors or other sponsors?  

I thought about this as I heard the news about Amazon partnering with the #NFL and decided to dig a little deeper.  The results of what it is that each could offer their brands was not only amazing.  It helped me to establish the thought that I need to research just how much more value I could offer.  What about you?  Have you sat down recently to figure out how you could partner with other sponsors and vendors?  What more can you offer that they seem to have a problem establishing on their own?

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