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One of todays' #TrendingTopic on #Twitter is #MyHomeTownIn4Words and watching how people reacted to the hashtag and what they posted got me to thinking about hashtag research and how knowing how to use trending topics, can be used to personify your brand, #cause or mission. 

You see, just by identifying what category a hashtag might fall in, could determine 1 person or an entire city finding you reliable and relatable.  For instance, using a hashtag that you might label, in your notes somewhere, as "local,"  will help you to find out about happenings in your neighborhood and just how likely those neighbors/potential clients are, to purchase a product, move into a neighborhood or even send their child to a certain karate school.  Knowing things like this, help you to establish your self as the most knowledgeable realtor, store owner, etc.  Do you see how invaluable hashtag research can be?

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What  local hashtags do you use?   Is a hashtag strategy a part of your social media plan?  Is it mapped out on your editorial calendar?  If it isn't it should be!  Need to know what you should be looking for?  Here are a few things you should think of when creating a #hashtagstrategy for your #events and the upcoming #holidayseason

What is your hometown known for? 

How does it tie into your #brandmessaging

What key talking points can you use when using this trending hashtag? 

Can you use the hashtag to start meaningful conversations? 

Carefully consider using your local hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest and maybe your upcoming event.   

Oh and just in case you're wondering, #MyHomeTownIn4Words  #Slays coordinating #NowNLater gators!

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