What your CTA should be on Facebook Pages

Marketers and small business owners are up in arms after the people over at Facebook decided to spill the beans and tell you that unless your pages become interactive, there is no need to post there!  Well, those weren't Mr. Zuckerberg's  exact words, but everyone is reading into them that way. "  For the actual message, see the P.S. below.

facebook algorithm changes and how to prepare your Facebook business page

One thing is for certain, you're going to see a lot of people abandon their business pages and begin to use their  profile pages to engage their followers.  This was a very smart play by Facebook!  I mean, for months they've been saying that they are running out of advertising space, so, if they can get enough of you to abandon your business page or quit using it, it will certainly free up more virtual space.  On top of that, it kinda forces you to "be social" again!  Which, after all, is what made Facebook popular.

Now that you've heard my thoughts, I want to suggest that you follow the steps below, to get ahead of this upcoming change on Facebook. 

1:  The first thing you should do, when going live from your business page, is open every "live stream" with  a welcome message and then quickly give them this CTA - "Please take a moment to tap on the "following" button above and then tap on see first."  Make sure that you remind them of this again before you stop streaming.

2:  Remember to ask people to comment  or ask questions below.  (on the timeline)

3:  When asking your viewers to comment, ask them to write more than one number or word in the comment section.

4: Ask them to share your broadcast and throughout the broadcast, thank them for doing so.

5:  Remember the "algorithms" understand "relationships,"  so make sure to ask your viewers to respond to other peoples' comments on your posts.

6:  Make sure to talk about joining your email list.

Follow these simple suggestions and you'll not only get more engagement on your business page, have more viewers when you go live and teach the algorithm that your viewers are important to you and that you're important to them!

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