Dinner for busy event planners and small business owners

We're entrepreneurs, #eventpros#businessowners 
#meetingprof and #busyparents so we've got to cut corners, where we can, to allow for memorable moments with our spouse and or children.

How do we get an hour or three back in our day?  

Slow cooker meals, that's how. Grab your crockpots, hopefully, you're like me and have three of them?  Put together your meals, turn the slow cookers on before you leave the house and viola!  You've got meals for the week. 

Here are a few of my summer crock pot favorites.  You're welcome

1. Slow cooker frittata
2. Breakfast burrito
3. Five ingredient granola
4. White bean soup
5. Summer chowder
6. Butternut Squash
7. Stuffed peppers
8. New England Clam Chowder
9. Italian Vegetables
10. Lasagna with zucchini and egg plant

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