Here are a few things to consider before Sept. 15th:

Quick: Exactly how much money are you going to earn by December 31st of this year? And exactly how many items do you need to sale, to get to that number? If you can't answer that with absolute clarity, then this is goal #1.

Shut down outside interferences and imagine what it feels like to meet this goal. Don't think of the bills you'll payoff or the things you'll purchase. Just the feeling of what it feels like to secure the bag. (hit the sales goal.) In preparation for your upcoming holiday promotions, put your loyal clients first. They should be the first to receive any information regarding sales and discounts. Remember, you're a brand and if you're like me, you know what it's like to get an invite to "Friends & Family Day at Nordstroms.

By October 10th, you should have reached back out to the people you almost closed during the last three months. Ask them if their needs have changed, if there is something to you can assist them with. These are warm leads. Don't let them go cold.

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