You’re  going to find that there are all types of people, into all types of conversations.  Jumping in and out of rooms, all the time.  So be patient, and eventually, they’ll drop into your rooms and clubhouse and vice versa.

Profile optimization: scroll to the bottom, post topics that you’ll regularly discuss. Make sure it’s keyword rich because people are searching certain words.  Those words should be relevant to what you do and who you do it for.

  1.  Speak as quickly as you feel comfortable 

  2.  Speak often because there's someone out there waiting to hear from you

  3.  If you see the microphone blinking,  people are clapping i

  4.  If you have a party hat you will have that party hat for 7 days and then it's gone.

  5.  The green little buttons that you see next to a name means they are moderators 

  6.  Visit the welcome rooms; there's a lot of information that is important for everyone to know 

  7. my biggest piece of advice would be to jump into rooms...sometimes the conversation changes from the title and you can't change the title so do your best to stay on topic.

  8. You can change the melanin of the hand emoji. 

  9. There are 3 types of room styles.  Enter The hallway - go to the top and tap on all rooms you'll see the three main options - social room which is open to everyone that you follow,  a closed room is closed everyone except for those people you would invite into the room and right now you can invite anyone who follows you to to close room 

  10.   Use Twitter or IG for your direct messages 

  11.   To invite people into a room, you ping them.

  12.   P.T.R. means Pull down To Refresh

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