Introducing your event planning services to potential clients.

How often does someone ask what you do, or what your business does, and you start rambling on forever, forgetting to tell the person how you can help them or your spit out a sentence that's so short, that it leave no room for them to ask or ponder how you can be of assistance?

What if you could tell them in a few sentences, exactly what your company does, who it benefits, and even how people can do business with your company. Wouldn't that be magnificent?

Today, I want you to record yourself saying your elevator pitch,

Does it tell your listener one thing that your business offers?

Does it tell them who your customer is?

Does it tell them what problem our business solves?

Does it tell them how your business helps solve this problem?

If it does, AWESOME! If it doesn't take a few seconds today and create a new elevator pitch.

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