Vacation or Staycation

Summer vacation and content creation

As a content creator, who knows that "everything is content!"  I constantly remind myself of the fact that I've got to decompress and make room for self-care.  Trust me, I learned that the hard way,   Let me not digress!  

When the "Plandemic," yep I said it, was shuffled in, the hubby and I decided that we'd do several Staycations along with one vacation. I mean we 're not getting any younger. Right?  

Let me clarify, for me a vacation consists of airfare and hotels!   While staycation, for me, is all about staying within a 2 hour drive and attending local activities and restaurants.

What's a content creation plan? 

A content creation plan is a tool that helps content creators, organize and plan the creation of content. It can be used to track the progress of content creation and to ensure that content is created in a consistent and effective manner.

What's a content creation strategy?

A content creation strategy is a plan for how to create and publish content that will achieve specific business goals. It should answer questions such as what kind of content to create? Who will create it?   How will I distribute it and how will I measure my success?"

How to create a content strategy for vacations

The best way to create a content strategy will vary depending on you brand, products or the services you offer your target audience and the goals of the content strategy.

1. Define your goals 

Before you can create a content strategy you need to first define your goals. 

What do you want to achieve with your content? Do you need to grow your email list, promote a new product, build a focus group,  increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website generate leads or something else? Once you know your goals you can create a content strategy that is hyper-focused. 

2 Know your audience 

Another important aspect of creating an effective content strategy is knowing your target audience. What type of content do they want to see? What type of content will appeal to them? What format do they prefer?  When you know your audience you can create content that hits the mark every time. 

Be Sure Your Site Is Optimized For SEO 

Your site needs to be optimized for search engines to ensure that it has a prominent ranking.  Write content that is rich in keywords and long-tail phrases associated with your topic or niche.  Make sure your site is mobile-responsive and try to get your site’s pages to load as quickly as possible. To improve your online presence you need to invest in an effective SEO marketing strategy. 

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Measure the Success of Your Content Plan & Content Strategy

When it comes to content marketing success depends on results. 

To measure the success of your content strategy use metrics such as web traffic click-through rate, leads and conversions. Use analytics tools to track your social media interactions and the number of likes and shares your content generates. Vanity metrics, like a "LIKE," tell you whether your target audience likes the content you’re sharing and whether it is helping you generate leads.

Batch your content ideas

Since you know where you're going and what your plans are.  You'll easily be able to set aside 20 to 30 minutes during your vacation/staycation to slide in some content creation for business.  Start by making a list of clothing, makeup, props and places then plan your photo shoot.

How to plan for your photo shoot 

When planning for your photo shoot be sure to communicate with your significant other about your vision for the shoot and exactly how much time you will dedicate to it.   Plan the location, wardrobe, props and other details in advance.  

Once you have a solid content creation plan in place, the actual photo shoot will be a breeze! 

Think about what kind of photos you want, then pack and plan your accordingly. 

  1. If you're planning on taking head shots, decide where you want to take them. 

  2. If you want scenery shots choose locations that you think will be stunning in photographs. 

  3. And if you want action shots plan ahead for what you want to capture.

Well, that's it for now.  I truly hope this has been helpful!

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