Glamping? Is it Your next GetAway or Retreat?

I'm seriously thinking of having our next retreat/ co-working weekend on a glamping ground. 

I love "luxury camping" and I seriously think that the majority of you would love it too.

There's a certain allure to camping that many people find irresistible. Roughing it in the great outdoors, sleeping under the stars and cooking over an open fire are all part of the experience. But for some, the thought of spending a night in a tent is less than appealing. If you fall into this category, glamping—a luxurious form of camping—may be more your style.

Glamping is growing in popularity and is truly becoming a travel trend, as it allows people to enjoy the best of both worlds: the beauty and peace of nature with the added comfort of upscale amenities. While traditional camping requires you to pack up all your gear and haul it to your campsite, glamping often includes pre-set accommodations complete with furniture, electricity, yoga classes and sometimes even a private bathroom or at least bathroom facilities with complimentary toiletries. No matter how you decide to Glamp, glamping is the perfect way to spend time in the meadow and forests.

Whether you stay in a yurt, teepee, airstream trailer, or simply a furnished tent, there is a glamping destination that will suit you.

Did you know that glamping is also a fun and unique way to build team morale?  It is and yeah, corporate glamping is a thing.! This popular new trend is perfect for working retreats and corporate team building events. Warning, glamping may lead to your employees wanting to take more family vacations. Just teasing, but it is what go me addicted to looking for glamping sites, surrounded by natural beauty.

Glamping is a great way to get your team out of the office and into nature. Not only will they bond over fun activities, but they'll also appreciate the chance to unplug from technology and relax in beautiful surroundings. When you decide to hast an event and you tell everyone that it isn't at a luxury hotel, it gets people talking. 

To make the most of your trip, be sure to plan plenty of team-building activities, like group hikes, campfire roundtables or scavenger hunts. And don't forget to pack comfortable clothing and gear - it's all part of the fun!

glamping ideas

My favorite glamping experience yet

There are many glamping options, so it really depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. At most sites, pets are welcome so your furry babies can come too. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Renting a RV or campervan – this is a great option if you want the flexibility to move around and explore different areas while giving you the comforts of home. You can usually find good deals on websites like RVshare or Outdoorsy.

Staying in an Airbnb – there are many unique Airbnb rentals that would be perfect for glamping, from glamorous treehouses to yurts with a hot tub. You can use the filters on the Airbnb website to find ones in the U.S. that suit your needs.

Glamping destinations

if you want a hassle-free glamping experience with all the bells and whistles, then booking a stay at a resorts like, Capitol Reef Resort, the great Smoky Mountains or Sandy Pines campground would be your best option. I've heard that one of the best places to stay Big Sur So it's on my bucket list. For now, I can honestly say that Capitol Reef offers several sleeping options from an en suite bathroom, to luxury glamping tents and even covered wagons.

Some glamping sites also include all meals and beverages during your stay. Many glamping resorts offer luxury amenities and lots of activities, heat and air conditioning, kitchenettes and other lodging options, so be sure to do your research before booking. Oh and just a side note, you'll want to find a glamping resort with at least one fire pit. That way you and your guests get to enjoy those S'mores that you're gonna make.

If you’re not doing a team building exercise and it’s just you or your glamping guests, a wonderful place to visit is Bryce Canyon national park. Where you can get amenities like running water, a spacious individual tent with an indoor or outdoor shower. And just about anything else you, your friends and family or glamping guests can enjoy. 

Like I stated earlier, researching is key. That way you’ll know exactly what to  pack for your best glamping trip, ever!. 

Here's everything you need to consider before booking your glamping getaway.

-Glamping Tent

Ok, we all know that there has to be at least one tent somewhere on the premises or it really isn't "glamping."  I fell in love with this WhiteDuck Avalon Bell Tent. It's a roomy and cute canvas tent that can be used n any campground as a changing room or somewhere for people to meet when they want the outside feel but still would like to be indoors.

-Sleeping bag

If you’d like a more snug as a bug in a rug type of sleeping bag, why not try a wearable sleeping bag.  Yeah, I know it sounds weird but those that I know that wear them swear by them.  Selkbag has one that comes in quite a few colors that color coordinate with almost anything you place in your tent or room.

If you like lots of cover to roll up in, then you’ll love the double sleeping bag. It’s lightweight, comfy and rolls up to the size of a backpack.  Oh?  Did I mention that it also comes with two pillows?  You can find it on Amazon here


Nothing says luxury like pillows, am I right? Speaking of pillows, Most glamping grounds have pillows but I’m so picky about pillows that I always take my own.  

My favorite pillows as of lately have been the Zen Bamboo pillows  they are light but firm, washable and hypoallergenic.  

-Camping stove

If you alter on the side of “almost camping,”  you’ll want to pack a stove and maybe a portable burner to create your own little kitchen. Eureka has a nice two burner propane stove that will allow you to still cook your favorite meals.

-Cooking utensils

Most glamping grounds have utensils but if you’re going somewhere that has the basics of both camping and glamping, they may not have the amenities that you’re accustomed to.  So you’ll want to make sure to have a good set of travel utensils.  If you love veggies hot off the grill make sure to have a good set of tongs, some metal skewers and plates.


-Table and chairs

I don’t want to sit on the ground the entire time I’m glamping, so having access to a table and chairs to work and eat from are a must have for me.  Before glamping became a bi-yearly part of my lifestyle, I'd look for camp grounds that had lots of picnic tables. That way, I only had to carry two folding tables.  I still carry them but I also pack my FrenzyBird folding table trust me, you’ll love this baby and you’re sure to find a few uses for it at home.

Eye Masks

No luxury camping experience is complete without eye masks to block out the sun and allow for the additional minutes of beauty sleep  These eye masks from SATINOIR come in a 6 pack for you and your family or friends to enjoy. P.S. They make a cute gifts so you may want to pick up more than one package so that your guests can also enjoy a great nights sleep.

So that this article isn’t super long, I’ll just list the other items, along with Amazon links,  that you may want to carry on your glamping excursions.


Coleman has a great rolling cooler that keeps food cold for five days. You may only be gone for 3 days but if you're not a person that unpacks as soon as you get home, you'll enjoy having the extra days to unpack. You can find the Xtreme cooler on Amazon:


-Lantern w/fan cause it’s just one less thing you’ve got to pack and it really is great at keeping those pesky mosquitos off balance, lol.  Odoland has a fan with 3 light settings and can be charged by your phone.


I go all in on this one.  I get Mighty Mint Insect & Pest control Ant Repellent Gel and Snake defense gel


-Sunscreen Make sure to apply it even though you don't think you need it, you really do. #LifeLessonsLearned

-First aid kit

You'll want as many of these as you have vehicles plus one more to keep in a suitcase that you always use, cause you’ve got to be prepared for as much as you can.   

-Hiking boots

You may never never get on a hiking trail but trust me when I tell you that supporting your ankles on terrain that you’re not used to walking on is key.  You’ll thank me for this suggestion later.  OH, P.S.  they need to be waterproof. Columbia Crestwoods are my boot of choice

-Garbage bags

I prefer paper bags so that I can burn them, make sure your glamp grounds have a burn pit if you decide to go this route.    If they don’t have burning as an option, make sure to get some really thick trash bags and keep the trash away from your area as much as possible.  I use the Glad ForceFlex 13 gallon bags  you can find them on Amazon. 


Just like my pillows, I've got to take my own linen. Believe me when I tell you that I've had some crazy things happen in hotels and while glamping, that has made me an advocate for packing my own.

-Bath Products

You're taking this glamping trip to take in some of the narual beauty this country has to offer and hopefull get closer to nature so why not use organic bath products.

Food for thought

Glamping is a great way to have fun or to build team morale. It is a unique experience that any and everyone should try at least once.  With so many different activities to do and glamorus camping places to explore, there is something for everyone.  

No matter who you are and whether you're looking for one king bed or two twin beds, an individual tent or a full en suite, there are glamping accommodations and options for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Start planning and book your next or first glamping trip. It'll be the best camping trip you've had in a long time.

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