Niches get riches

Do you know your target market?  I mean really know them?  

This week, I ventured to some networking events and spoke to quiet a few new business owners.  We talked about all things social media, what they were struggling with, why they should blog and of course a lot more.  In getting to know a business owner, I always ask my number one ~ get to know you & your business question, which is:  "Who exactly is your idea client?" I ask this question for many reasons but one of them is this, if you can pinpoint down to something your clients really have in common, then we can get to the nitty gritty of what's missing in your social media strategy.

This week, more than ever, I heard "the demographic I'm seeking is women, 18 to 35, that are too busy with work to take care of themselves."  I also heard a lot of "I'm looking for small business owners who need a website or SEO" but what I did not hear were things like:

  • My idea client is on Facebook for 45% of her/his day, looking for ways to...
  • My idea client is a mother/father who is starting a 2nd business & is always on LinkedIn
  • My idea client is the single woman who combs through fashion magazine at the salon.
Gone are the days where the skincare distributors demographic is anyone with skin.  They should be focusing in on lifestyle preferences, where this person hangs out online, what type of magazines they read, the social network that their idea clients can't live without and so many other small minute things that really help them develop a niche.  When you know the niche, then the marketing to that niche is so much simpler.  When you get specific on your niche, your marketing then becomes so much more laser focused because you can spend your time and money with your targeted audience.

Take a moment, dive deeper really get centered and then write out a plan of action for your niche.  You've got to put in a little more effort but remember Niches get riches.

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