Snapchat? Now I get it!

Snapchat, I heard about it when it first hit the scene and because I have that early adopt disorder, I immediately downloaded the app to my iPhone.  5 days later, I removed it.

After a month or so of watching and learning things about Pinterest and Instagram, I thought of ways to use the Snapchat app and so I downloaded the app once more.  As fate might have it, I started using it & then reconsidered thinking it just wasn't for me.  

So here I am now, once again, adding it back to my list of growing useful apps for business because I get it now!  I know how I'm going to use it for my business and exactly what part of my marketing mix it will be used for.

After playing around with the app today I can tell you 3 ways that I'll be using it to build my community.  


  1. What about you?  How will you use it to grow your business

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