It's that time of year again.  No, not, NYR, New Years Resolution time its time for your SMA aka Social Media Audit. 

social media audit for event planners

2016 has come and gone, well, not really gone but it is going and with that there should be some social media posts that just might need to be gone with them.  Don't freak out, this type of audit only makes you, your blog and your social content marketing efforts better.  So, you ready to get started?  Me too, let's go!

First things first, let's take a look at your social media site interaction.  Look at your last 20 posts, on each of your active social networks.  

Are they all text?  
Do they include pictures or video.  
Which type got the most engagement?  

Take note and write it down on your content calendar.  These are the types of social media posts that you'll want to focus on in 2017.  

Secondly:  Have you talked back to or commented on the person who responded posts?  Have your visited their website so you can make a comment, pose a question or opened up any additional lines of communication?  If not, you should write that down and follow through.

Now, let's take a look at your blog.  Hopefully, you have some form of analytics running in the background.  If you don't Google Analytics is free and you'll need to take a moment to add it so that your 2017 social audit will be a breeze!  Ok, let's not digress.  So, take a look at your analytics.  

Which posts were the most lively?  
How did you craft that message?  
What questions and or comments did you get and respond to?  

You know the drill, write them down and make sure to create additional posts that can link back to the beginning topics.  Wait, you're not done!  Now take a look and see where your visitor came from.  Is it a site, blog, or group that you visit often?  Are you posting there regularly.  If not, why not?

See, it wasn't that painful at all was it?  Now, go divide and conquer.

Last but not least, check your groups.  Log into groups that you participate in and take a moment to search for your keywords.  Were there questions or topics that fall within your expertise that you could have answered?  It's not to late to do so. 

Once you're done with your social media audit, write me back and let me know what you found and how you're going to grow your audience by using this information.  

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