To be or not to be?

We're busy, right?  

I'm asked all the time if it is best to automate social media and time and time again I answer "Yes & No!"

Here is my list of YES

If you're a global company.  Some of your clients are on the other side of the world and are up when you're asleep and vice-versa.

If you post specific types of content and duplicating it on other social networks.  

If you use Triberr. 

Here is my list of NO

It should be, in my opinion, a definite "no" to auto a DM (direct message) to thank someone for following you on #Twitter.  

If it doesn't help your followers, readers or tribe?  

If you need to respond quickly to an automated post.

If you're just beginning on social media and you're not accustomed to responding back to contacts.

Favoring posts.

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