Snapchat for Orators

I'm always snapping about how to use snapchat for brands and yesterday, it hit me, how to use Snapchat to grow your following and spread your message all at the same time!  
As, it hit my mental, I wondered why I hadn't talked about it before?  Oh well, I'm talking about it now so that's all that matters.

How speakers can use snapchat to grow their audience

If you're an orator, you normally write and or practice your presentation in advance.  This affords you the opportunity to highlight, key factors that you want to drive home.  You can use those key factors as snaps before, after and during your event by creating a cheat sheet.  What the cheat sheet will do is give those attending your presentation the opportunity to post to their social channels flawlessly without trying to search for wording or take photos.

Here is how you do it:

1:   Grab all of your key factors 

2:  Place them on your website as photo graphics. 

3:  place the "click to tweet" feature for each quote or photo.

4:  Two weeks prior to the event, begin using your event hashtag, on your posts. 

5:  The day of the event, 4 hours before, send everyone to your website where you posted all your key factor photos/quotes.  

This will allow them to use the click to tweet feature and they'll be able to copy photos and post them on their favorite social networks.

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