5 things you can talk about on #InstagramLive

If you've been watching my updates on the current upgrades of Instagram, you knew as of two days ago that you're now able to go "live" on Instagram.

I know you're wondering why I was so excited about the ability to go live there and now, I can tell you.  It's for this one reason and one reason only.  #Everyone on your Instagram feed is there because they like the photos and videos that you post.  Meaning you have a captive audience that is there to see, understand and get a better understanding about what it is that you and your company have to offer and there are no trolls!  Meaning, you're not having to watch the screen to delete/block people who are coming in to be disruptive adding more attention to viewers.

5 conversations you can have on Instagram live.

There are two things I need to say:  One -  If you're going live, you'll need to remember that once you're done broadcasting the party is over and the opportunities you spoke about just might be gone with it!  Well, that depends on you!  And two, don't just talk about selling your products!  Go back to your content marketing calendar, look at the items you have plugged in for the upcoming week and make sure to talk about that.  Keep that content marketing calendar you worked so diligently on close by.

In the upcoming weeks, I'll be discussing additional things that you can talk about when you go live on Instagram.  Until that time, from my house, to your house, I wish you all green lights!  


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