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How to turn on Snap Map

Now that Snapchat released the Snap Map feature you can share your location with Snapchat friends via a map. If you're not willing to share your location, you can stop right here because by default you're in GHOST MODE aka, not "locatable."  If you want to share your location, you have to opt-in. The only people that can see your location are the people  you've friended on Snapchat.  And although your location isn't public anyone who knows where you are can tell someone else.  (just some food for thought)

PSA Once you opt-in, whatever audience you're sharing with can see your location updated, every time you open the Snapchat app.

To opt-in:
  • Go to the Snapchat camera and squeeze your fingers together, as if you're zooming out
  • YOUR map will appear. If you don't see the map settings tap the cog in the upper right hand corner
  • Check it out!  You're in Ghost Mode so no-one can see your location.  If you want to share your location, uncheck Ghost Mode
  • I suggest that you only share your location with close friends and family, which means you must select each person. If you wish to share with all your Snapchat friends, check "My Friends."
Don't want to share your location?
  • Go to the Snapchat camera and squeeze your fingers together, as if you're zooming out
  • Check Ghost Mode.  Viola!  Now no one, technically, knows where you are.
Just a few hmm?  I should have thought of that notes:
  • Review this section from time to time. A friend can become an ex-friend.  
  • If you have children on Snapchat, I'd suggest leaving Snap locations off or or carefully limiting which of their friends can see their location.  I'd also suggest having atleast a parent or older sibling as a friend and the location shared with them.  Make sure to review their settings periodically.  Yeah, they'll probably hate me for telling you this but hey...
  • Remember that Snap Map reveals your current location, very accurately I might add,  every time you open the app.  You may want to consider switching to Ghost Mode, prior to going to locations that you don't want anyone to know about.
How to share your location with friends on Snapchat using Snap Map

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