How to use the Instagram poll feature in stories to increase your engagement.

Last year, Instagram added a polling feature to stories and, as I sat there trying to figure out how to use Instagram polls for my business, it dawned on me. Not only can I use Instagram polls to find out what most of my followers want to see or what content they liked best, I could use it during "holidays" to increase viewership to my blog or a monthly promotion.  

To put this thought to the test, I did a few polls asking simple questions to see if people would respond.  To my surprise, the interactions happened much quicker than I actual thought they would and resulted in more comments than "likes!" 

How to use Instagram polls to increase engagement during halloween

So today, I'm testing the Instagram polling feature again but geared towards "Halloween."  And, if things go according to plan, the white paper will truly be an addendum to this post!

If you chose Trick, I direct message you and tell you how to use the Instagram poll to engage your followers.  If you chose Treat, you received a list of Hashtags for November.  

If you choose to apply this simple Instagram poll hack to your social media arsenal, please leave me a direct message on Instagram.  I'd love to hear about it!  

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