The 12 Days of Marketing


1. Be Symbolic - Make sure your branding/packaging is Festive & Eye-Catching

2. Gifts For All - Reward your customers with gift cards and discounts

3. Go "Read" & Green - Send greetings by email! 
Save on paper.

4. The Big Picture - Get your community involved with a Photo contest

5. And then Santa Said - Everyone loves to comment, encourage a funny caption contest 

6. Give a Little (or A Lot) - Align yourselves with a local charity; for every sale, donate a %

a photo of a christmas tree with the words dreaming of a white christmas.

7. Come Together - Join forces with another business and offer deals to promote each other

8. Easy Peasy - Curate your own gift sets for every type of customer or price range

9. Let it Shine - Reel them in with Festive Holiday decor

10. Holiday Treats - Free coffee or cookies with every purchase, we all need fuel when shopping!

11. Email Blast - Send out a different deal every day until Christmas!  Have fun!

12. Xmas Bonus - Create a friendly competition with employees; more sales, more rewards!

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