Your event needs a #TwitterList

You're an event planner and you're in the process of creating your social media campaign for an upcoming event.  

Do you have your Twitter strategy in place?  If you do, no need to read any further.  If you don't read on.

What is a Twitter list:  A Twitter list is a grouping of people in a particular niche. 

Why should I create a Twitter list?  Organization is one of the keys to having a great event and by creating lists you're able to organize sponsors,  speakers and vendors.  As people on your list begin to talk about your event, you're able to see it and use it as content. 

#twitterlist for eventplanners

How do I create a Twitter list?
  • Sign into Twitter.
  • Click on your Twitter photo and then click on Lists 
  • Click Create List.
  • Name the List & provide a description.
  • Designate the List as Public or Private.
  • Save the List.
  • Go to the profile of someone you want to add to a list, look for a cog (small wheel), click on that and then click on "add to list."
Now that you've got your lists filled, you're half way there.  You're now able to curate content for your event, retweet information posted by speakers, vendors and teams and any other list titles you may have added.

Before the event, you may want to use your Twitter lists to create a Twitter chat, host a meet up with a few attendees, and so on.

After your event, you can use your Twitter lists to stay in touch with attendees, vendors, sponsors and potential sponsors.

BONUS:  If you haven't done so, remember to create a list titled: Customer service.  On this list, follow people who are talking about the event and answer any questions they may be posting.  (You might need to hire someone to oversee this daily).

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