Find your tribe on Twitter

No matter what type of networking event, seminar or conference I attend, when people find out that my passion and life's work is social media, there are two questions I'm asked all the time.  

How do I find my clients on Twitter and why do you love Twitter?

Now let me start off by saying, I don't have a huge twitter following, nor do I want one.  Why?  Well, Twitter is already super noisy for me, and to try and hear over 500 or even 45,000 followers would be a tremendous overwhelm.  Add that to the fact that only 50% of your followers see your message, on any given tweet would mean that I'd have to post the same message over and over, or get a piece of software that would do it for me and that's just not who I am!  

I digressed, back to the story, lol.  

So, when asked how to find potential clients, affiliates and the like, the answer is Twitter but it's how you use it to do your #social-listening that is whats important here.  
A little birdie told me... 
  1.   Simply search a hashtag (#)
  2.   Use or to find related #'s
  3.   Join a Twitterchat

Which hasthtag should you use?  First search a hashtag that is relevant to your industry.  Don't stop there, use step 2 and find additional hashtags relevant to your industry.  For example:  
  1.  #social-media
  2.  #social-media-marketing-networks
The more you narrow it down, the easier it is to find exactly who you want to interact with. Before jumping in and answering questions, make sure to follow all the rules of that Twitter chat.  Then move on to an industry that isn't relevant to your niche demographic but ties in.  For example, if your industry is auto mechanics you may want to look for travel cups distributors or car wash owners.  I'm sure, by now you have an idea of how this can benefit your company and help you to get social.  

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