Why you should research your #hashtags

Do you research a #Hashtag before you use it?  

Ask anyone #SocialMediaManager you know and they'll tell you there is a lot to know about using a hashtag! They will also tell you that researching a hashtags may be one of the most enlightening ways to be found on this ever expanding virtual world called the internet.
I first started researching hashtags because someone I know used a hashtag and then found out later that it was very popular in the adult entertainment industry and not related to their brand image.
Needless to say, it took them a while to get the issue resolved but it taught them and me a valuable lesson.
With that being said, here are a few reasons why you should research your hashtags:

1: Gather new content ideas
Begin by typing your hashtag into the #GoogleSearchEngine. Scroll through a few of the topics that come up and read a few of the articles. Find the pain points in those articles and then write a blog post with a resolution. Make sure to use the hashtags as your meta-data keywords and also add a few of the hashtags in your post.

2: Find related tags
Begin by using #hashtagify. Place the hashtag that you are going to use into its search and viola, up comes related hashtags that you can now use when posting to your favorite social networking sites.

3: Searching for new clients or mentors
Begin by using Google+ explore and type in a conference, meeting or tradeshow that you will attend or want to attend. Then take a few extra moments and look at who is using that hashtag. To connect with the people you've found, simply find them on them in your favorite social space and drop a brief note saying "hey I see you're attended #EXYCon2016, I didn't get to meet you personally so ...." or anything that will begin a conversation that you can use to build a relationship.  

4: Popular hashtags in your niche
Begin by using your favorite brand hashtag or a hashtag related to your industry. Browse through a few of the videos and related posts. Notice the additional hashtags then use those hashtags in your posts on social photograph sharing sites like #Instagram or #Pinterest.

For example, lets say you're a makeup artist:
You'd type: I saw this look at #Sephora & 
decided to try it at home. What do you think?

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